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Krysteen Savane

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Creative Producer | Actor

Krysteen Savane  is a Creative Film  Producer & Actress. She has worked on both stage and screen for several years and has starred in various Shows on local TV stations in Kenya. She has starred in multiple critically acclaimed films including SOUL BOY, NDOTO ZA ELIBIDI, NI SISI & on the Netflix series, SENSE 8. 

She produced the award winning film NI SISI for SAFE Kenya and worked as an Associate Producer for WATATU. She co-directed the short film MALIKA. She worked as a Production manager on WATU WOTE(All of Us) which won Best Short Film at the Student Oscar Awards 2017, and was nominated for Best Live Action short film, in the 2018 Academy Awards. She was associate producer & creative Advisor on ADISA which won the Silver medal at the Student Academy Awards 2021.

Between 2004 and 2015 she worked as a producer, production manager and actress for the Kenyan NGO SAFE Kenya, that uses street theatre to educate and inspire social change. She is currently the director of Anno’s One Fine Day, a creative arts programme which nurtures children and teenagers to use ballet, arts, drama, African Traditional dance, acrobatics & Circus and  music to explore and develop their artistic abilities. 


  • SUPASTAZ - Nominee, Best African Female Director/Producer - Realtime International Film Festival 2022

  • SUPASTAZ - Nominee, Best African Film - Realtime International Film Festival 2022

  • SUPASTAZ - Nominee, Best Foreign Film - Realtime International Film Festival 2022

  • ADISA - Winner, Silver medal, Student Academy Awards 2021

  • WATATU - Nominee best produceer - Women in Film Awards 2020 & 2021

  • WATU WOTE - Nominee best live action short, Academy Awards 2018

  • WATU WOTE - Winner, best short film, Student Academy awards 2017

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