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Expelled from the city to live in the village, an ambitious teen explores her identity under the care of her loving but inflexible grandmother.

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GENRE: Coming of Age, Fish out of water, Drama

RUNTIME: 75 Minutes


LANGUAGE: Dholuo, Sheng & English

PROJECT STATUS: 4th Draft Outline, 1st Draft Script

BUDGET: € 483,087

  • ​​​Development €36,009




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  • Financiers 
  • Co - producers 
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  • Sales Agents



As a teenager, one of the hardest things was understanding who I was. I cycled through countless identities of myself. So many teens suffer from the identity crisis that is teenhood. But in Kenya, when parents don’t know how to handle teens, their solution is for them to be ‘punished’ by living in the village. Unfortunately for most grandparents, their lives become afterthoughts. They immediately have to drop everything to accommodate and raise the teen. It’s almost as if society requires them to do so. Most times, no one cares for what they have been doing with their lives till this point.


Through Brenda and Dani, I want to tell the stories of the two most neglected age groups in society. I want people to see what they go through. Their struggles, their dreams and hopes and maybe even to help society understand them.



Born and raised in Nairobi City, I never really had a connection with either my maternal or paternal grandmothers. I knew they existed, I met them, but we never shared the bond of grandmother and granddaughter. As a co-founder of a Community Based Organization that has for more than 10 years mentored and educating young boys and girls who live in underprivileged communities, I've had endless talks with pre-teens and teens. With exposure to the internet, they compare themselves with the rest of the world which in turn affects their lives and ultimately, their future.

I’ve always wanted to find a way to encourage and support teenagers who struggle with finding their identity and who face different situations in their journey to adulthood, having in mind the different influences in their lives.

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